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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we've posted many of the questions that we're asked on a regular basis. If you have a question or questions on anything that's not covered here, please feel free to Contact Us Anytime. We can usually respond within an hour or two most of the time. Or if you'd like for us to give you a call at a time that's convenient for you, please just let us know? We'll be more than happy to give you a call to answer your questions. The way we see it, Outstanding Customer Service is the most important aspect of everything we do.

Q. Exactly How Does This All Work?
A. Each time a purchase is made from your website, the order is tracked through your Unique Affiliate ID that identifies you as the Payee. All products that you sell and display on your website are automatically processed and delivered on your behalf by (The World's #1 Online Retailer) or any of their 3rd party vendors. They automatically receive each order directly from your website, process the payment, and ship the items (with tracking) to your customer in a timely and efficient manner. Your commissions are paid monthly for your previous month's sales. You'll receive your sales commissions automatically on the 7th day of each month via Paypal with a $10 minimum. It doesn't get any easier than that. When it comes to a name, You Can Choose Your Own .com Name Or we Can Select A Great Name For You. Simply complete our New Owner's Form on our Home Page to let us know your domain name choices.

Q. Who Handles Customer Service?
A. If a customer ever has a problem with an order (damaged item, undelivered item or a return) they handle all of that too. You're not even involved in that process. It's this Excellent Customer Service, Super Low Pricing, and Free Shipping on Millions of Products that has made them the World's #1 Online Retailer for several years running.

Q. Any Hidden Fees?
A. No, there are No Hidden Fees of any kind. If you purchase an online store it will be 100% ready to start making you money the instant you receive it, usually within 5/7 days.  After the first year, you have an option to renew each year therafter for just $49 (regardless of what type of store you purchase) no strings attached. You may cancel at any time.

Q. Sounds To Good To Be True. Is This Some Sort Of Scam?
A. No, this is not a scam and the #1 Online Retaler In America Isn't a Scam. We work very hard designing our online stores, and we deliver exactly what we promise: When you purchase a website we handle all the technical aspects for you & custom build each and every website, one customer at a a time.

Q. If I Purchase This, What Will Set My Site Apart From Any Other Website You've Ever Built Or Sold?
A. That's the most important detail of everything we do. Each website we build is totally unique and no two sites are alike. We SEO (Search Engine Optimize) each website for each of our customers based on their Geographic Location, Unique Domain Name, Unique Title, Unique Meta Description and Unique Keywords & Phrases. When we setup your website we guarantee it will be Totally Optimized for the Top 3 Search Engines (Google, Bing & Yahoo). We'll also submit your site to all three. It will usually appear in search engine results anywhere from just a few days to 2/3 weeks depending on when your site is crawled and indexed by each search engine. In the meantime, your site will still be live on the Internet and anyone can access it by you utilizing the Free Advertising Tips we send you with your Dashboard. The Free Advertising Info we send you with your Dashboard will give you the knowledge to maximize your online business to its fullest potential. Over 3000 Happy Customers here in the US and 19 Other Countries Can't Possibly Be Wrong!

Q. I Don't Have Any Computer Knowledge. Can I Still Operate This Business?
A. Positively. Your online store is designed to update & operate automatically. When new products are released they'll be added to your store immediately. When items are discontinued, they'll be removed just as quickly as they were added. This is accomplished by hundreds of engineers at both Amazon and Clickbank.  Amazon pays you commissions of 4%-10% of the actual sale price depending on the item sold and your monthly sales volume. The Clickbank Ads pay you commissions of 50%-75% per sale (or just over $30 per sale) and the link pays you 35% (or $45-$209 per sale) and that money can add up quickly. If you'd prefer not to have the link at the bottom of your site, please just let us know and we'll remove it. But please remember, the bottom line is it's all about putting money in your pocket. We pay you once a month via Paypal for your previous month's sales.  The bottom line is this: Anyone on the planet can make money with this business.

Q. Why Does My Website Have Links To Other Websites?
A. Your Site Will Also Include Free Music, Free Games, Free Movies, Free Apps, A Free Website & Blog, Free Sweepstakes and Instant NOAA Weather Radar For Your Area. It will also include links to the 12 Most Popular Websites On The Planet. Best part is, All Links Open In A New Window Which Means Your Visitors Will Always Remain On Your Site. We include all of these Extras because these are all the most popular sites that people already visit anyway. Why not have them access these sites directly from your website? It's a no brainer. It means that your visitors will bookmark your site, visit more often and stay longer each time they visit. It's all about Smart Marketing and creating the Ultimate, Fun Shopping Experience for all of your visitors. And remember, since each link opens in a new window, your visitors will always remain on your site!

Q. How Do I Get Visitors & How Do I Get Paid?
A. You can promote your online store any way you'd like. However, we'll include some really good, helpful tips with your Affiliate Dashboard that can help you Get Web Traffic For FREE. It's all very simple and easy to understand and anyone can use these free advertising methods. Your commissions are paid once a month for your previous month's sales. You're identified as the payee for all of your sales by your Unique Affiliate ID that is embedded into all payment links for every item for sale on your site. You'll receive your webstore payments via Paypal on the 7th day of each month ($10 minimum). You'll also receive a Complete Sales Report of all of your sales bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) posted directly into your Dashboard. This will allow you to view your latest sales anytime, and your sales stats will update on the 6th & 21st of each month.

Q. Can I Make Changes To My Store?
A. No. we professionally design & develop each fully automated, online store to need very few changes. We also have this policy to ensure the integrity of our work remains intact. If someone were to go in & accidentally alter the code slightly in the wrong place it could create problems. However, if you have other websites or products that are already online, we'll be more than happy to add any links or banners for you FREE OF CHARGE.

Q. Do You Offer Any Kind Of Guarantee?
A. Yes. if you're not 100% completely satisfied with your online store for any reason, simply contact us and we'll fix any problem immediately. If you have questions and would like for us to give you a call at a time that's convenient for you, please just let us know. We'll be more than happy to give you a call and answer all of your questions. Our Only Goal Is Service That Will Exceed Your Expectations!

Q. Will This Business Still Work If I Live In Another Country Outside Of The U.S.?
A. Absolutely. That's why they call it the World Wide Web. We have many happy customers from all around the world. It really doesn't matter where you live because you can always promote your site worldwide, and your visitors can pay for their items in a wide range of different currencies by simply using the Currency Converter at checkout.

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